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Who are Radio Aire? Radio Aire was launched 36 years ago in 1981. They are an independent radio station based in the Yorkshire city of Leeds. The station has a large audience and even has sister stations; Radio Aire 2 and Radio Aire 3.

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Radio Aire Cash4Kids Charity Donation

Cash4Kids is the official charity of Radio Aire. They raised £1.3 million in 2015 alone, which helped support over 87,000 needy children in Leeds and West Yorkshire.

The fantastic charity operates across twenty-one different areas in and around the U.K and each year it raises millions of pounds for children that need some extra care and guidance, those with disabilities and additional needs and those who may have been victim of abuse or neglect, which sadly happens more often than people realise.

Specialist equipment is bought using the money raised which will enhance the quality of life of many children. The equipment will be given to children’s charities and organisations so that they can begin projects and new initiatives so that essential care and support can continue to be provided through these vital and much needed services.

Most of the money raised is done so by bringing communities together to get involved in fund raising events – these happen on and off air. Everybody is encouraged to join in; individuals, groups, school and companies. They have a good time fundraising and help a good cause too!

The charity was created by Radio Aire as they really wanted to support the local children in the community. They believe they should be able to live life to its fullest, achieve their potential and have equal opportunities. All donations made go towards bringing hope, happiness and healing to these children.


Each year, Simon Macbeth and 121 Web Design enjoy raising money for Radio Aire’s charity Cash4Kids, as they love to contribute to great causes. This year they held a charity auction where they donated a £1000 web design package – this was auctioned in May and sold for £355 to a generous lady from Leeds.

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