Introduction - 'Too Tired To Play Games'


Simon Macbeth is the design manager and one of the founders of 121 Web Design which is based in Roundhay, Leeds, UK.

His mission is to ensure that excellent customer service satisfaction is achieved throughout his whole client base. Simon oversees every single web design project to ensure the highest rate of customer satisfaction is achieved consistently. This is something the company massively prides itself on.

When Simon M. Macbeth began working for himself almost 20 years ago in 1998, he lived in a small, run down house in Roundhay, Leeds and he had a very tiring and demanding job. Upon returning home from work on an evening, he would complete any existing work but this didn’t leave any time for things that he enjoyed.

A few months down the line he quit the job and became self employed full time. Simon then progressed on to become a self taught web designer. He is now earning a living doing something he loves and is good at. The saying ‘work doing something you enjoy and you will never work a day in your life’ springs to mind!

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