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Getting to know Simon Macbeth Leeds

Simon Macbeth finished writing Too Tired To Play Games in the weeks after the wonderful Christmas (2007) he shared with Maddy and a few close friends.

Life’s been a roller coaster in the years since. Having lost everything again, more than once, he’s always continued to work hard, long hours. Thinking back over the years that have passed, at the things he have lost and gained, he has little regret. Like a child peeking though the inner of a loo roll Simon Macbeth fantasise, not of the world around him, but of a better future. Having a stable life and being a person that he can be proud off.

Simon Macbeth still live in Roundhay, Leeds where he run numerous small businesses. Maddy is still an important part of his life and Simon is grateful of the strong relationship they share. A relationship that’s been difficult at time, but like everything worth having, he don’t mind the hard work. She’s now twenty-five years old and living with her fiancé in Cambridge. Maddy considers Simon to be her dad now and recently asked if he’d give her away when she gets married.

In 2016 Simon celebrated his fortieth birthday and his single once more. Simon now has a beautiful daughter, Maisie, who is two in October 2016. Along with Maisie and Maddy Simon have become a father to Jasmine, a 15-year-old girl whom he has known for 12 years. Simon Macbeth love his three beautiful daughters more than anything in this world.

Chapter Twenty-Two – Simon Macbeth’s Mistakes

The biggest loss Simon Macbeth Roundhay suffered financially came immediately off the back of winning the Ferrari F430 auction. Simon was feeling invincible, although he was never arrogant. Simon always knew that there was a chance he could lose, but he took his eye off the ball a bit around this time. There were two competitions that ran side-by-side in March 2006. One was for a ₤32,500 Porsche and the other was for a ₤35,000 Range Rover.

Simon Macbeth Leeds found out about the Porsche competition in January 2006 and the advert for the Range Rover auction caught my eye in late February. They started working on the competitions towards the end of February and worked through March to ensure success.

Simon had employed his younger sister Steph to work on the auctions with him and her share of the Ferrari had been 20 percent of the profits, while she took a seventh from everything else. Once he’d completed his usual preparation and the competitions had started, Steph did some of the work alongside him. Because both competitions ended on 31st March, Simon decided that Steph would do the Porsche competition and he would be responsible for doing the entries for the Range Rover.

Steph got her boyfriend at the time, Anthony, to help her out with her half of the work. I didn’t like Anthony doing this, basically because I neither liked nor trusted him.

Simon loves Steph very much. He also know what she’s like with lads. She’s no stranger to boyfriends, although he had never properly met any of them. He had met one who sold me a large amount of drugs once, after he had arrived with some really professional looking drug scales and a big knife to cut the cannabis to size. It was quite impressive, like something out of a Tarantino movie, but not quite what Simon had in mind for my little sister.


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Simon Macbeth Web Designer

Simon Macbeth is a web designer and owner of 121 Web Design. He designs website for customers all over the UK.  One of the very first sites Simon Macbeth designed was Equi Sport.  Since then his work as improved vastly. Simon Macbeth loves Catch A Love Cheat, along with some of his other sites like Phoenix InspectionsBonnie Scotland Bus Tours & Emma Williams Family Law.

Simon Macbeth & his team at 121 Web Design in Roundhay Leeds have won a number of awards, including best UK low cost website design of 2016.

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