MeetSimon Macbeth Leeds

Uneducated, poorly paid and unhappySimon Macbeth was destined to achieve absolutely nothing

But then by some miracle he turned his life around.

A chance encounter with an old friend in a pub encouraged Simon Macbeth Leeds to learn to read, improve himself and strive for better things. He has stolen, manipulated and tricked his way towards a better life, but when someone has nothing they will use whatever guile they have. One quality that has never waned is the belief that his luck will change and at some stage he will prosper.

Simon Macbeth Roundhay took on the gambling world and won prizes worth over half a million pounds in the course of a year.

People have attempted to beat the system since gambling began. Simon Macbeth has used his skill, judgment and a tailor-made system to enter and win reverse auction competitions, where the lowest unique bid wins. Simon’s prizes have included a £127,000 Ferrari F450, many other cars and many high end electrical items.
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Chapter Twenty – Simon Macbeth & Laura

It was March 1999. Laura Anderson had been in the year above Simon Macbeth in high school, although he’d never met her. She had been best friends with his sister Helen since Laura joined the school in the second year. Simon was introduced years later when Helen brought her boyfriend, Abdul, who is now her husband and Laura up to Leeds for the weekend. They met up along with Simon’s younger sister Steph and Laura’s friend Sarah.

Laura did a little bit of acting work and some work posing naked in adult magazines. Simon Macbeth didn’t really think that much of her at first, but she was female and she seemed pleasant enough. Her friend Sarah was the girl Simon was interested in. She had something about her and he wanted to shag her. Unfortunately, she didn’t stay long. After they had lunch together, they went to a pool hall in Leeds and had a few games, but Sarah didn’t join them there as she had other stuff to do. Simon Macbeth Leeds was a bit disappointed because if he’d had a little bit of time, he was certain that he could have made progress.

Laura however, was clearly interested in Simon and as the alcohol took control, they ended up back at his house with his 15-year-old little sister. After Simon’s Mum had picked Steph up, Simon and Laura ended up in bed together. Simon Macbeth Leeds was never interested in Laura. Again, it was just one of those easy things that he’d fallen into. She liked him and Simon had nothing better to do. He’d been working hard setting up the recruitment agency and she was more than happy to help out a little bit. She did a few jobs for him and Simon was happy to accept the offer of slave labour. Buy Simon Macbeth’s Book on Amazon

Chapter Twenty-One – Simon Macbeth & Women

There’s nothing that specifically annoys Simon Macbeth Roundhay about women. It is often difficult for him to distinguish between what another person does to annoy him and what annoys Simon about myself. Simon Macbeth hate being lied to or women you care about cheating on you.

He is not a hypocrite and therefore cannot say that there’s ever been a girl who has cheated on me where it’s been that bad a thing that she’s done what she’s done. Simon’s had “committed” relationships with loads of girls and he have cheated on nearly all of them.

He’s not in contact with any of these girls now, apart from one called Bev. I swear blind to her that he’d never cheated on her. She cheated on him loads and always denied it. To this day she says she cheated on him once, but Simon is convinced she did it more. She has only played the game that he played and it’s a fun game to play, to have your cake and eat it.

Simon Macbeth cheated on her once when he met some random girl and went back to her house. They only kissed, so it wasn’t a major cheat and technically they had broken up that night, but…

Simon finds relationships difficult sometimes. In his working life he’s always been in charge. He like things done his way. He don’t want to be in charge when he get home too. Simon wants a break from the decision-making and don’t want to be deciding what they do, what pub they go to, what time they leave, etc. It annoys his not being able to find a girl who is mentally strong enough to control his. That’s the drawback when you go for the quick fix with women. Instead of building up proper relationships, He’s just gone with women because it’s easy. Simon Macbeth didn’t want to be bothered with anything else. If he is with someone who means nothing to him, then he’s not putting himself in a position where he can be hurt. Read more about Simon Macbeth


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