Simon Macbeth ... His Autobiography "Too Tired To Play Games"
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Uneducated, poorly paid and unhappy Simon Macbeth was destined to achieve absolutely nothing, but then by some miracle he turned his life around. A chance encounter with an old friend in a pub encouraged Simon to learn to read, improve himself and strive for better things. He has stolen, manipulated and tricked his way towards a better life, but when someone has nothing they will use whatever guile they have. One quality that has never waned is the belief that his luck will change and at some stage he will prosper.

Simon took on the gambling world and won prizes worth over half a million pounds in the course of a year. People have attempted to beat the system since gambling began. Simon has used his skill, judgment and a tailor-made system to enter and win reverse auction competitions, where the lowest unique bid wins. Simon's prizes have included a £127,000 Ferrari F450, many other cars and many high end electrical items.

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